• Double-sided photocopy of a valid photo ID (the document is also required if the card is requested for a minor). In the case of a minor under the age of 18, a photocopy of the ID of the parent or person exercising parental authority must also be attached.
  • Fan Card form NON VI LASCEREMO MAI filled out in block letters or alternatively to be requested at the ticket office. In the case of a minor, the documentation must be signed by a parent or those exercising parental authority. Just handing in the form can also be done by a third person.
  • 1 color passport photo.

During the season ticket campaign period, it is possible to apply at the ‘Loyalty Card’ counter on the days and during the opening hours of Ticket Office No. 1 at the Bentegodi Stadium.

During the championship, applications can be received exclusively on the day of the home match of Hellas Verona FC always at the ticket office No.1 at the Bentegodi stadium open approximately 3 hours before the start of the match (the time may vary depending on the matches), for information on the opening of the counter you can still contact the stadium ticket office at or at


Approximately 5 days (given the time, the company recommends requesting it early)


The Card is offered to all fans at a cost of €10.
It is valid for 5 years from the date of subscription.


Holders of expiring NON VI LASCEREMO MAI Card may request its renewal at the ‘Loyalty Card’ ticket office at the Bentegodi Stadium for €10 and will receive the new card on the occasion. It will be possible to renew the card according to the procedures indicated in the previous paragraph ‘Where and when to apply for the card’.


Please remember to attach a double-sided photocopy of a valid ID (the document is also required if the card is requested for a minor) and 1 passport photo. In the case of a minor under the age of 18, a photocopy of the ID of the parent or person exercising parental authority must also be attached.


If the Card is stolen, lost or simply in case of breakage or deterioration of the holder, it is possible to request its replacement with a new card on the days and times indicated for the subscription at the ‘Loyalty Card’ ticket office at the Bentegodi Stadium at a cost equal to that of issuance of €10 (the replacement request form can be obtained at the ticket office).


When you sign up for a season ticket (loaded on the Card NON VI LASCEREMO MAI, thus not issued in paper form), you are given a reminder coupon with directions to the purchased seat. The Card will be used to open the turnstile via barcode or chip with RFID technology, together you will need to always bring the placeholder coupon to the stadium and present it to the steward to gain access to the sector as well as to your seat.

On the occasion of the first subscription, an exclusive passport holder will also be delivered where the placeholder can also be stored. For those interested, more can be purchased at a cost of €2.00 each at the ‘Loyalty Card’ counter.

Those who have lost their place card can request a duplicate, again at the ‘Loyalty Card’ counter at ticket office No. 1 at a cost of €2.00.


The ‘NON VI LASCEREMO MAI’ Card is also a useful tool for purchasing tickets valid for Hellas Verona’s home matches, tickets purchased at any official sales channel (stadium ticket office, Vivaticket circuit or internet at can be uploaded directly in digital mode onto the card receiving in that case a placeholder voucher similar to the one made available to season ticket holders.

For all those who purchase the ticket through the Hellas Verona FC website using this mode and do not find the placeholder voucher in the indicated email box, they can contact the ticket office at

In case the card holder has taken out a season ticket, it is possible to load on the card only tickets for any matches not included in the season ticket such as the Coppa Italia.


Hellas Verona FC’s Card ’NON VI LASCEREMO MAI’ is nominative, strictly personal and non-transferable.

In order to transfer a ticket or a season ticket of transferable type to a third person for home matches scheduled at the Bentegodi stadium, it is necessary to make a change of name through the appropriate procedure made available on the ticketing page of the website, according to the timetable provided, indicating the card number and the data of the fan who will benefit from the entrance; it is not possible to transfer the digital entrance ticket (loaded on the card) to persons not in possession of the card.

Admission to the stadium will be made by showing the fan card of the person receiving the admission ticket along with an identity document and the voucher certifying the change of user. Upon completion of the procedure, one must therefore print out the voucher, which will be sent to the previously indicated email box so that it can be shown in the pre-filtering areas at the time of verification by the stewards in charge of control.


The Card NON VI LASCEREMO MAI by Hellas Verona FC is under the guidelines provided by the Ministry of the Interior in compliance with the regulations set forth in Art. 8 of Decree-Law No. 8 of February 8, 2007, converted by Law No. 41 of April 4, 2007, and is issued in compliance with the procedures set forth in the Ministerial Decree of August 15, 2009. Subsequently, the Memorandum of Understanding of 04/08/2017 signed by the Ministry of the Interior, C.O.N.I. and F.G.C.I., among others, was introduced.


Who cannot have the Card NON VI LASCEREMO MAI?
Those who are subject to D.A.SPO. type measures or who have had convictions even in the first degree for “stadium crimes” in the last 5 years or who are subject to preventive measures such as special surveillance cannot sign the card. Or other limitations provided for in current regulations.

Is the Card NON VI LASCEREMO MAI a credit card?
No. Hellas Verona FC has chosen to offer the card exclusively as a tool for the purchase of season tickets or tickets for home matches as well as a proof for the purchase of Guest Sector tickets in away matches, as the regulations require. It is up to individual clubs to choose which additional components to include.

Is it mandatory to have the Card NON VI LASCEREMO MAI for home games?
No. For home matches only those who are residents of the home region of the visiting team may be required to have a fan card in order to gain access to the Bentegodi Stadium. All residents of other regions including the Veneto region will be able to purchase tickets by simply showing a valid ID (unless special restrictions are imposed by the competent authorities).

Is it mandatory to have the Card NON VI LASCEREMO MAI for away games?
No, but it is highly recommended. Compulsoriness may be required in order to purchase tickets for the guest and local sectors from the competent authorities in matches played away from home by Hellas Verona FC for all fans residing in the Veneto region. All those who reside in the other regions including that of the home team and can access the local sectors without a Fidelity Card.

Is the Card NON VI LASCEREMO MAI valid for going to attend matches of other teams where Hellas Verona FC is not playing?
Yes. The TDF NON VI LASCEREMO MAI, as a fidelization card issued according to the indications of the Ministry of the Interior, allows you to purchase a ticket to attend all matches organized by the professional leagues (unless special restrictions are imposed by the competent authorities).

Can each fan have more than one Card NON VI LASCEREMO MAI?
No, no one can be the holder of more than one loyalty Card NON VI LASCEREMO MAI.

Can a fan also subscribe to the loyalty card of another professional club?
Yes, it is possible to subscribe to the Card of more than one professional club without a limit to the number.

Can minors apply for the Card NON VI LASCEREMO MAI?
The TDF can also be applied for by minors under 18 years of age provided that a parent (or those exercising parental authority) signs the application form and provides the required documentation including a front and back photocopy of a valid ID of the parent (or those exercising parental authority) as well as an ID of the minor (passport or ID card). A valid identity document for the purpose of issuance is not considered to be a social security number or health card.

Will minors be able to subscribe without applying for the Card NON VI LASCEREMO MAI?
No. Hellas Verona FC’s TDF subscription is also mandatory for minors according to current regulations.

A foreign citizen, can he/she buy a season ticket to see the home matches of Hellas Verona FC without subscribing to the loyalty card?
No. In order to be able to subscribe for a season ticket to Hellas Verona FC, one must be in possession of the Card NON VI LASCEREMO MAI

Can a foreign national, purchase a ticket to see a home game of Hellas Verona FC without being in possession of a Card?
Yes. He/she can regularly purchase a ticket by simply presenting a valid ID except for the guest sector for which it may be mandatory to be in possession of a TDF.

Is an Italian citizen residing abroad required to subscribe to the Card if he wants to purchase a ticket for a home match of Hellas Verona FC?
No. He can purchase a ticket for all local sectors of the Bentegodi Stadium except for the guest sector.

What are the Ministry of Interior regulations on the current legislation?
The regulations regarding Directive No. 555/2009 of the Ministry of the Interior stipulates that: “With the start of the 2009-2010 championship, Serie A, B and Lega Pro clubs must guarantee the issuance of the fidelity card to anyone who requests it. As of January 1, 2010, the Societies will be able to sell or transfer for any reason the coupons reserved for the guest sectors exclusively to the holders of the fidelity card. As of the same date, the Societies will be able to accept the subscription of a new season ticket only from those who hold the loyalty card.”

How can I get information/assistance?
For any information related to the service or to report any problems, you can directly contact the Hellas Verona FC ticket office at the e-mail address:; in case of problems, we recommend that you also indicate a phone number on which you can be contacted.